Pearlson Shiplift: About Us

In 2006, when Abeking & Rasmussen (A&R) in Lemwerder, Germany needed to extend their Syncrolift® Shiplift that was designed in 1973 by Raymond Pearlson of Pearlson Engineering Company (PECO), they approached his son, Douglas who was past President of PECO, and asked if he could help. After the two hoist extension was completed in 2007, other Syncrolift® shiplift owners requested support for their installations which ultimately led to the founding of Pearlson Shiplift Corporation (PSC) in 2008. Four years later, A&R ordered a second two hoist extension from PSC which was completed on-time in 2013.

Other recent orders include a new shiplift in Houma, Louisiana; a major modernization and upgrade of the 36 hoist shiplift in Lumut, Malaysia; a 1350 ton capacity upgrade with 4 new hoists and a new control system for the shiplift in Gulfport, Mississippi; a new shiplift control system in Solund, Norway; and Certification of the US Coast Guard Syncrolift® shiplift in Curtis Bay, Maryland.

Pearlson Shiplift Corporation: World-wide Experience – World-class Performance

We are the only company in the world that is devoted exclusively to the design, manufacture and support of shiplift and transfer systems. Our experienced engineering team includes former PECO engineers and technical support specialists that were responsible for designing and commissioning most of the shiplift systems operating around the world today.